• Manual workstations with servo presses

    Assembly and testing of industrial products

    Better productivity with Compact manual workstations

    Pressing and measuring in a single step
    Ergonomic and flexible manufacturing
    Consistent production quality

Manual workstations with servo presses

Assembly and testing of industrial products: achieve greater productivity thanks to the AxNum Compact workstations with servo presses.


Compact manual workstation with servo press
Ergonomic manual workstation Compact from AxNum

Unlock greater productivity with AxNum

Pressing and measuring in a single step

The force-displacement curves are monitored during the joining process, which saves you having to make additional checks at a second workstation.

Your parts are immediately sorted into good and faulty based on set parameters.


Ergonomic and flexible manufacturing

The comfortable and well-designed workstation encourages better staff productivity without impacting on their health.

Your personnel can work at individually adjustable and highly functional manual workstations.


Consistent production quality

Automatic joining processes enable you to produce continuously high quantities without eroding quality.

Improved process reliability gives your production consistent quality, making it more cost-efficient.


Software Compact
Software Compact


The benefits for you

  • Force-displacement monitoring
  • Configure parameters not programs
  • Rapid product changeover
  • Data storage and connection to ERP systems
  • Operate sliding tables, rotary indexing tables and valves
  • Connect up external measurement signals

Complete traceability

Quality assurance

All force and displacement data are recorded and compared to your specified values. If the set tolerance is exceeded, an error message is generated immediately.

Process documentation

Data are evaluated and archived via a database. You will have constant access to the data that have been collected for further evaluation and processing.

Process analysis

The data collected can be used for statistical analysis, highlighting trends and enabling you to optimise your production process.

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